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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Yes-Associated Protein (YAP) modulates oncogenic features and radiation sensitivity in endometrial cancerTsujiura M.; Mazack V.; Sudol M. ; Kaspar H.G.; Nash J.; Carey D.J.; Gogoi R.
2014β-adrenergic agonist and antagonist regulation of autophagy in HepG2 cells, primary mouse hepatocytes, and mouse liverFarah B.L.; Sinha R.A.; Wu Y.; Singh B.K.; Zhou J.; Bay B.-H. ; Yen P.M. 
2014A cost-minimization analysis of tissue-engineered constructs for corneal endothelial transplantationTan T.-E.; Peh G.S.L.; George B.L.; Cajucom-Uy H.Y.; Dong D.; Finkelstein E.A. ; Mehta J.S.
2014Distribution and epidemiological characteristics of published individual patient data meta-analysesHuang Y.; Mao C.; Yuan J.; Yang Z.; Di M.; Tam W.W.-S. ; Tang J.
2014mTORC2 phosphorylation of Akt1: A possible mechanism for hydrogen sulfide-induced cardioprotectionZhou Y.; Wang D.; Gao X.; Lew K.; Richards A.M. ; Wang P.
2014The Analytic Bilinear Discrimination of Single-Trial EEG Signals in Rapid Image TriageYu K.; Ai-Nashash H.; Thakor N. ; Li X.
2014The economic burden of self-reported and undiagnosed cardiovascular diseases and diabetes on Indonesian householdsFinkelstein E.A. ; Chay J.; Bajpai S.
2014Phylogeny predicts future habitat shifts due to climate changeKuntner M.; N?p?ru? M.; Li D. ; Coddington J.A.
2014Statistical Modeling Reveals the Effect of Absolute Humidity on Dengue in SingaporeXu H.-Y.; Fu X.; Lee L.K.H.; Ma S.; Goh K.T.; Wong J.; Habibullah M.S.; Lee G.K.K.; Lim T.K.; Tambyah P.A. ; Lim C.L.; Ng L.C.
2014A Novel Universal Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody against Enterovirus 71 That Targets the Highly Conserved "Knob" Region of VP3 ProteinKiener T.K.; Jia Q.; Meng T.; Chow V.T.K. ; Kwang J.
2014Intra-Subtype Variation in Enteroadhesion Accounts for Differences in Epithelial Barrier Disruption and Is Associated with Metronidazole Resistance in Blastocystis Subtype-7Wu Z.; Mirza H.; Tan K.S.W. 
2014Zfp322a Regulates Mouse ES Cell Pluripotency and Enhances Reprogramming EfficiencyMa H.; Ng H.M.; Teh X.; Li H.; Lee Y.H.; Chong Y.M.; Loh Y.H. ; Collins J.J.; Feng B.; Yang H.; Wu Q. 
2014Insights into the Genetic Structure and Diversity of 38 South Asian Indians from Deep Whole-Genome SequencingWong L.-P.; Lai J.K.-H.; Saw W.-Y.; Ong R.T.-H.; Cheng A.Y.; Pillai N.E.; Liu X.; Xu W.; Chen P.; Foo J.-N.; Tan L.W.-L.; Koo S.-H.; Soong R. ; Wenk M.R. ; Lim W.-Y.; Khor C.-C. ; Little P.; Chia K.-S. ; Teo Y.-Y. 
2014Meiotic Drive Impacts Expression and Evolution of X-Linked Genes in Stalk-Eyed FliesReinhardt J.A.; Brand C.L.; Paczolt K.A.; Johns P.M. ; Baker R.H.; Wilkinson G.S.
2014In vivo and in vitro studies suggest a possible involvement of HPV infection in the early stage of breast carcinogenesis via APOBEC3B inductionOhba K.; Ichiyama K.; Yajima M.; Gemma N.; Nikaido M.; Wu Q.; Chong P.; Mori S.; Yamamoto R.; Wong J.E.L. ; Yamamoto N.
2014First Experimental In Vivo Model of Enhanced Dengue Disease Severity through Maternally Acquired Heterotypic Dengue AntibodiesNg J.K.W.; Zhang S.L.; Tan H.C.; Yan B.; Maria Martinez Gomez J.; Tan W.Y.; Lam J.H.; Tan G.K.X.; Ooi E.E. ; Alonso S. 
2014Bayesian Analysis for Inference of an Emerging Epidemic: Citrus Canker in Urban LandscapesNeri F.M.; Cook A.R. ; Gibson G.J.; Gottwald T.R.; Gilligan C.A.
2014Evaluation of global differential gene and protein expression in primary pterygium: S100A8 and S100A9 as possible drivers of a signaling networkHou A.; Lan W.; Law K.P.; Khoo S.C.J.; Tin M.Q.; Lim Y.P. ; Tong L.
2014A pilot study to examine the correlation between cognition and blood biomarkers in a Singapore Chinese male cohort with type 2 diabetes mellitusGoh D.A.; Dong Y.; Lee W.Y.; Koay W.I.; Tay S.Z.; Soon D.; Chen C. ; Brittain C.F.; Lowe S.L.; Wong B.-S.
2014Burden of Total and Cause-Specific Mortality Related to Tobacco Smoking among Adults Aged ?45 Years in Asia: A Pooled Analysis of 21 CohortsZheng W.; McLerran D.F.; Rolland B.A.; Fu Z.; Boffetta P.; He J.; Gupta P.C.; Ramadas K.; Tsugane S.; Irie F.; Tamakoshi A.; Gao Y.-T.; Koh W.-P. ; Shu X.-O.; Ozasa K.; Nishino Y.; Tsuji I.; Tanaka H.; Chen C.-J.; Yuan J.-M.; Ahn Y.-O.; Yoo K.-Y.; Ahsan H.; Pan W.-H.; Qiao Y.-L.; Gu D.; Pednekar M.S.; Sauvaget C.; Sawada N.; Sairenchi T.; Yang G.; Wang R.; Xiang Y.-B.; Ohishi W.; Kakizaki M.; Watanabe T.; Oze I.; You S.-L.; Sugawara Y.; Butler L.M.; Kim D.-H.; Park S.K.; Parvez F.; Chuang S.-Y.; Fan J.-H.; Shen C.-Y.; Chen Y.; Grant E.J.; Lee J.E.; Sinha R.; Matsuo K.; Thornquist M.; Inoue M.; Feng Z.; Kang D.; Potter J.D.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 94808