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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Oct-2018Makan Index 2017: An Indicator For Cost Of Eating Out In SingaporeGOH ZHANG HAO ; LEONG CHAN HOONG ; VARIAN LIM AIK MENG 
11-Sep-2018Data from: Roads to isolation: similar genomic history patterns in two species of freshwater crabs with contrasting environmental tolerances and range sizesYwee Chieh Tay ; Daniel Jia Jun Ng; Jun Bin Loo; Danwei Huang ; Yixiong Cai ; Darren Chong Jinn Yeo ; Rudolf Meier 
31-Aug-2018Data from: Development of the Combined Assessment of Risk Encountered in Surgery (CARES) surgical risk calculator for prediction of post-surgical mortality and need for intensive care unit admission risk ? a single-centre retrospective studyDiana Xin Hui Chan; Yilin Eileen Sim; Yiong Huak Chan ; Ruban Poopalalingam ; Hairil Rizal Abdullah 
31-Aug-2018Data from: Attack risk for butterflies changes with eyespot number and sizeSebastian Ho; Sandra R. Schachat; William H. Piel ; Ant¢nia Monteiro 
31-Aug-2018Data from: Dipteran larvae and microbes facilitate nutrient sequestration in the Nepenthes gracilis pitcher plant hostWeng Ngai Lam; Kwek Yan Chong ; Ganesh S. Anand ; Hugh Tiang Wah Tan 
20-Mar-2013Data from: Climate warming and the potential extinction of fig wasps, the obligate pollinators of figsNanthinee Jevanandam; Alexander G. R. Goh; Richard T. Corlett
28-Aug-2018Data from: Human activities and landscape features interact to closely define the distribution and dispersal of an urban commensal.Tang, Qian ; Low, Gabriel Weijie ; Lim, Jia Ying; Gwee, Chyi Yin ; Rheindt, Frank E. 
28-Aug-2018Data from: Association between the dopamine D4 receptor gene exon III variable number of tandem repeats and political attitudes in female Han ChineseEbstein, Richard P. ; Monakhov, Mikhail V. ; Lu, Yunfeng ; Jiang, Yushi; Lai, Poh San ; Chew, Soo Hong 
28-Aug-2018Data from: Predatory dipteran larva contributes to nutrient sequestration in a carnivorous pitcher plantLam, Weng Ngai; Lim, Robyn J.Y.; Wong, Shi Hong; Tan, Hugh Tiang Wah 
28-Aug-2018Data from: Pythons, parasites and pests: anthropogenic impacts on Sarcocystis (Sarcocystidae) transmission in a multi-host systemDevan-Song, Anne; Luz, Sonja; Mathew, Abraham; Low, Mary-Ruth ; BICKFORD,DAVID PATRICK 
2013Scholarly Paper Recommendation DatasetsSUGIYAMA KAZUNARI ; KAN MIN-YEN 
16-Apr-2018Replication Data for: "Gender Gap Under Pressure: Evidence from China's National College Entrance Examination"PAN YUNFEN,JESSICA ; Lu, Yi; ZHONG SONGFA ; Cai, Xiqian
22-Mar-2016Voluntary community service in medical school: A qualitative study on student leaders’ motivations, experiences, and outcomesAlvona Zi Hui Loh; Julia Shi Yu Tan; LEE JEN-MAI,JEANNETTE ; KOH CHOON HUAT,GERALD 
20-Sep-2017Using peer review to distribute group work marks equitably between medical studentsCOOK, ALEX R; MIKAEL HARTMAN ; LUO NAN ; JUDY SNG GEK KHIM ; Fong Ngan Phoon ; LIM WEI YEN ; Chen I-Cheng Mark ; WONG MEE LIAN ; NATARAJAN RAJARAMAN ; LEE JEN-MAI,JEANNETTE ; KOH CHOON HUAT,GERALD 
2016The Makan Index – A Survey of Hawker Food PricesLEONG CHAN HOONG 
2016Internet and Media Use During GE2015SOON WAN TING 
2015Perceptions of Governance SurveyTan, Ern Ser 
2015POPS (8) IPS Post-Election Survey 2015KOH LIM CHOO BRIGTTE GILLIAN 
2013POPS(6) Perceptions of Singles on Marriage and Having ChildrenYAP MUI TENG 
2011Impact of New Media on General Election 2011TAN TARN HOW 
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 42